Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Hind Saeed a Financial Services Student at Dubai Women's College. Even-though I am qualified as a Financial Services undergraduate student, I have the passion towards photography ever since I was a teenage. The opportunity for studying the course of Photography at college gave me the chance to expose my interest in Photography. I believe Photography is a source where people can show their everyday life in different point of views and every photo has a unique story to tell. Therefore, in this blog I will be sharing my passion in photography and especially in shooting at night in the City of Lights "Dubai".    For many reasons Dubai is a city that never sleeps so there's always something interesting to photograph and the quality and layout of the lights in the city is interesting enough to capture. There's simply so much light it's rarely necessary to venture into the higher ISO regions, so the beautiful lights in the city can literally get some tonally very rich images covering a large dynamic range with little noise and reasonable shutter speeds. 

The set of images below were shot with a Nikon D300s.

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