Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anatara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa

Anatara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa

On the edge of the eastern curve of the iconic Palm Jumeirah, an archipelago of islands connected to mainland, Anatara Dubai is a remarkable resort inspired by traditional Thai architecture in an Arabian setting. To me, Anatara Dubai is a place of real serenity and splendor as it offers my spirit an urban escape in a unique destination. A 15 minutes drive from home and within an easy reach of a plethora of exciting attractions including the Atlantis and other beautiful manmade scenarios I think its the best place for a perfect weekend getaway. 


The Poolside of Anatara Dubai during Sunset

Make A Wish Fountain, Main Entrance, Anatara Dubai

Right at the entrance of this superior resort there is an attractive fountain, where visitors of the resort are able to make a wish by throwing a coin in the water and every coin will be donated to charity. Fire and Water represents the two main strong Elements of Life in Thai culture, therefore; the combination of Fire and Water in this picture illustrates the importance of Human's contribution and influence in life. 


Anatara Dubai at Night

Needless to say, on my trips to Anatara Dubai I always get to stay after dark as the view at night always fascinates me. Here is a collection of my favorite images of beautiful scenarios at Anatara Dubai after dark.

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