Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Motion Blur

Motion blur is one of my favorite photography techniques and a challenging skill to master. The collection of images below are just a few of my favorites and the images were all captured at night in places I admire to spend my weekends after a hectic week of my College Life. I believe this technique of photography is similar to an abstract painting image, where the painter is the only storyteller of the image.  

The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Whether on an epic journey or a weekend getaway, The Palm Jumeirah is my number one weekend getaway especially during the hot months in the city. Fridays are family days and nothing completes my Friday then being at the beach with my beloved ones. I love the beach and I admire my family and the Palm fulfills my needs. 


Anatara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa

Lounge Area Restaurant, Anatara Dubai

The image above shows the reflection and motion of a group of men enjoying their dinner at Anatara's ultimate lounge area restaurant. While I was exploring the outside of the restaurant this image caught my eye immediately and it got me straight away as it shows the different parts of the resort in one image. 

Lounge Area, Anatara Dubai

I have captured this image as it shows the night life in the Resort with the motion of the two couples and the reflections of the lights on the mirrors of the building.

Lounge Area, Anatara Dubai

Falconry in Arabia goes back more than 2,000 years. The Falcon is also a symbol in many other cultures and has a precious place in the history of many countries. In the old days before the invention of guns and when guns were not powerful enough to reach a prey, the Falcon was like nothing else with its amazing ability to see from great distances. In the UAE, the Peregrine Falcon is a symbol of the Bedouin culture and the Bedouins used the bird to supplement their diets and it was traditionally used for hunting and was one of the main source of survival in the hot deserts of the country. Nowadays, most tourist destinations in the city provides the tourists the experience to learn more about the symbolic icon of the county while offering them the sense of importance of a Falcon in the olden days of the Arabian Peninsula and the UAE in particular.

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